Here at PJ Fitzgerald Insurance, we can help you to take care of items of historical importance. Consequently, protecting them for the enjoyment of future generations. PJF is an Independent Insurance Broker with many years of experience, and we know that we can get you a great deal on heritage insurance. We pride ourselves in offering friendly, personal service, and we will work with you to find the best policy on the market.

Heritage Property
Arts & Culture
Art & Private Client
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Arts & Culture insurance

From museums and theatres to concert halls and libraries, our cover is tailored to suit your needs. Our team of art historians and heritage experts share their expertise and add value to you:

  • We give them extra support to establish more accurate building values. Our in-house team of surveyors can also provide risk management surveys and access to our risk advice line, at no extra cost
  • Our comprehensive business interruption cover provides for the loss of attraction, prevention of access and ticketing suppliers
  • We protect client collections in a variety of circumstances including their temporary removal, exhibitions, new acquisitions and discovery of a defective title and, to keep things simple, there is no requirement to list all of the collection
  • For your clients who are responsible for protecting staff, visitors and sensitive data, we offer trustee and management liability in addition to; general liabilities, personal accident, reputational risk and cyber covers
  • Where appropriate, we will defend liability claims in a manner that protects your client’s reputation

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Art & Private Client Insurance

Offering specialist cover for high net worth lifestyles from exceptional properties to collections, art and jewellery. The Dedicated Art and Private Client team will work with you to establish the cover you deserve for their exceptional homes, collections, jewellery and art. Cover includes:

  • Tailored cover for private homes, from listed buildings through to contemporary design
  • Generous upper limits and a 25% uplift for new acquisitions
  • Our highly-skilled team includes art historians, technical underwriters and heritage experts who understand your requirements
  • We work closely with art galleries, private collectors, artists, restorers and skilled craftsmen to truly understand the art world and provide expert advice
  • A discreet and professional service from an award-winning claims team
  • If the worst should happen, we can work with artisan repairers to ensure the professional and sympathetic restoration
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Fine Art insurance

Insurance for works of art, collections, jewellery, regalia and antiques, for the enjoyment of future generations. Cover include:

  • Our fine art insurance team includes art historians and market professionals who understand the complexities of protecting important works and collections and can work with you and your clients to ensure the best and most effective insurance cover
  • We provide practical advice on how to best protect fine art and other valuable contents
  • Dedicated in-house claims specialists, who have made 98% of customers satisfied with their claims service

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What Our Client’s Say

PJ Fitzgerald is an exceptional family and friends have all had excellent experiences and benefited from market leading deals found ( invariably after exhaustive searches) by Padraig, Lisa and their team. In one instance I couldn’t find insurance through Dublin brokers and they came up with several options, with a decreased premium the following year.
It is a business that delivers the best results and has a ‘family’feel as they really look after their customers and additionally provide positive influence in the local community through their admirable voluntary problem is insurmountable for the PJ FItzgerald team, they are delightful people and I couldn’t recommend them more highly.
Bryony Bethell, Heritage/Period Home Owner, Dublin.

Under-insuring a heritage property can leave you liable for costly repairs if your home is damaged, so it’s important to talk to the experts before you select your insurance policy. We’ll be happy to talk you through the process, so contact us today for a heritage insurance quote. CALL 021 477 2332 OR LET US CALL YOU.

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