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If your business or company is subject to allegations of Negligence, Error or Omission, it can be an extremely stressful and costly experience, so it’s vital to protect your business and your security by ensuring that you have the best insurance in place. A Professional Indemnity Insurance policy can provide the peace of mind you need and prevent you from undergoing a great deal of additional stress and financial strain.

Here at PJ Fitzgerald, we can offer unbiased, expert advice on the type of Professional Indemnity insurance that would work best for you and your business.

This is a specific type of business insurance that varies between individuals and businesses, and it’s important to talk through your situation and your requirements with an experienced Insurance Broker.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Our Professional Indemnity Insurance can cover:

  • Risks specific to your business or industry
  • Protection for sole practitioners
  • Insurance for those working in partnership with others

Professional Indemnity Insurance cover is invaluable in the current financial climate in Ireland, and we want to help you to find the best policy for your business. We’re an independent Insurance Broker with more than 45 years experience, and our friendly team will be on hand to talk through your insurance needs.

Due to Brexit, some UK Insurers have decided not to provide terms for insurance for businesses in the republic, “The quick quote system will not work in professional indemnity section, If you are interested getting terms please email

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Please read the following carefully before completing this proposal form. To present a clear and unambiguous picture and to ensure that underwriters understand the nature of your risk:

  • An Individual or a Partner, Principal or Director of the Firm/Company must complete the proposal form in
  • Where a question is not applicable to your particular circumstances, please write N/A
  • If there is insufficient space to answer questions please use an additional sheet and attach it to this proposal
  • Completing and signing this proposal form does not bind you, or insurers, to complete this contract of
  • Any material contained in the Proposers website is not deemed to form part of this proposal apart from any information attached to the proposal in hard copy form.
  • If this proposal relates to a new business or venture, please complete the questions as far as possible, giving estimated income and information about your anticipated activities
  • Please ensure that all relevant sections of the Proposal are completed

* denotes required fields

Contact Details

(1.) Name of Firm: (i.e. The Proposer) including previous and subsidiary firms requiring cover?*

(2.) Please provide any standard contract terms, conditions, agreements or letters of appointment, which you have with your clients.

a) Addresses of all offices (including telephone number) and percentage of total fees in each?*

b) Email address*
c) Website*

(3.) Commencement Date of the Firm?*

(4.) a) During the past 6 years, has the name of the Proposer been changed or has any amalgamation, acquisition or take-over taken place or have any Principals departed, retired or died?
If ‘yes’, please specify
b) Give details below of any predecessor firms for which cover is required?

(5.) Please provide details below of: a) Partners/Directors/Principals (please attach CVs)

Full Name Age Qualifications Date Qualified No. of years in this capacity with the Proposer

Please attach CVs (File Type: doc, docx | Max Size: 2MB)

(5.) Please provide details below of: b) Consultants under a contract of service with the Proposer

Full Name Age Qualifications Date Qualified No. of years in this capacity with the Proposer

Please attach CVs (File Type: doc, docx | Max Size: 2MB)

(6.) Where the Proposer is a sole principal, give details of the arrangements for office supervision when the Proposer is absent.

(7.) 7. Please state the total number of:*

Qualified/Specialist Staff
Administration Staff
Other Staff (excluding administration)

(8.) Is cover required for Partners’ Previous Business in respect of any partner named in (5a)?


If ‘yes’, please specify

Name of Partner/Director/Principal Name of Previous Practice Date Leaving

(9.) Please provide a full description of all your activities:

(10.) State gross fees (including those paid to sub-contractors) for work undertaken. For new ventures please provide estimates

Please state your Financial Year End?

Previous Year - Actual (€) Last Year - Actual (€) Forthcoming Year - Estimate (€)
a) In Ireland
b) In the UK/Channel Islands/Isle of Man
c) The USA, its territories and possessions and Canada
d) Elsewhere
Total of (a) to (d) above
Average Fee
Largest Fee

(11.) Please list by activity as outlined in Question 10 the approximate percentage of work carried out in each instance. New firms should provide estimates.

Activity % of Work

(12.) Please list the 3 largest contracts undertaken in the last 3 years: New Firms should provide details on anticipated contracts.

(13.) State the gross fees paid last year and the nature of the work performed by subcontractors and how the proposer monitors this work.

(14.) Please state whether the subcontractors have their own Professional Indemnity Insurance in force?


(15.) Risk Management

a) Is the practice accredited to (or in the process of accreditation to) IS EN ISO 9000 Quality Systems subject to a similar form of external assessment? YesNo
b) Are written contract conditions are used in every case? YesNo
c) Does the practice have written work instructions or checklists for the services provided? YesNo
d) Does Management review working procedures at least every twelve months to ensure their continuing stability? YesNo
e) Are records kept of the original contract, subsequent amendments, verbal agreements and telephone conversations? YesNo
f) Is work done by staff reviewed using spot checks and periodic reviews? YesNo
g) Are Regular file reviews and audits are conducted at least once every 12 months for all fee earners, including Principals? YesNo

h) Do recruitment procedures include:

  • Obtaining written references YesNo
  • Verifying qualifications and previous experience YesNo
  • Checking for any previous Professional Indemnity claims or circumstances? YesNo

If ‘No’ to any of the above, give details below

(16.) Fidelity - Has the Proposer suffered any loss during the past five years through fraud or dishonesty of any employee? YesNo

If ‘Yes’ state date, circumstances, amount and steps taken to prevent a recurrence.

(17.) During the past 10 years has any insurer of this type of insurance in respect of the firm, its current Partners/Directors/Principals and/or Predecessors in business ever

  • a) Declined to insure? YesNo
  • b) Imposed special terms or conditions? YesNo
  • c) Cancelled or voided a policy? YesNo
  • d) Requested the withdrawal of a claim? YesNo

(18.) Current Insurance details

  • a) Current renewal date of policy (if any) YesNo
  • b) Name of Insurer YesNo
  • c) Excess YesNo
  • d) Premium YesNo
  • e) Retroactive date YesNo

(19.) Please indicate the Limit of Indemnity required


Other, please specify?

(20.) Please indicate the level of excess the Proposer requires


Other, please specify?

(21.) Does the practice undertake work for any firm, company or organisation in which any Principal holds a position whereby he or she is able to make major policy decisions on behalf of such firm, company or organisation?


Please provide details?

(22.) Has any person for whom this insurance is proposed:

  • a) Ever been convicted of or charged with (but not yet tried in respect of) a criminal offence other than a motoring offence? YesNo
  • b) Ever been declared bankrupt? YesNo
  • c) Ever been a principal of a business which has gone into insolvent liquidation or been the subject of a receivership or an administrative order? YesNo

If ‘Yes’ please provide details and dates?

(23.) a) Has any claim been made or has anyone threatened to bring such a claim against the Proposer or any Partner/Director/Principal/Consultant or Employee during the last 10 years in respect of the risks to which this proposal relates? YesNo

If ‘Yes’, give details (by separate note if preferred)

Date of Claim Brief Details of Each Claim =Cost (if any) of Claim Paid Estimated Outstanding Cost

b) What actions / procedures have been taken to prevent a recurrence of the situation which gave rise to each claim?

(24.) Is any Partner/Director/Principal/Member/Consultant or Employee, after enquiry, aware of any circumstances which may:

  • a) give rise to a claim against the Proposer or any predecessors in business or any present or former Partner/Director/Principal/Member? YesNo
  • b) result in the Proposer or any predecessors in business or any present or former Partner/Director/Principal/ Member incurring any losses or expenses which might be covered under the terms of this insurance? YesNo
  • c) otherwise affect the Company’s consideration of this insurance? YesNo

If ‘Yes’, give details including maximum potential cost (by separate note if preferred)

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