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Since the farming environment includes so many potential hazards, farm insurance can be complicated. However, getting your insurance policy right will mean that you are protected from financial and legal liability for any problems that arise when you are carrying out your business with excellent and safe standards of care.

Whether you are running a small farm or you are a large agricultural contractor, it is vital to ensure that your insurance cover is adequate. Here at PJ Fitzgerald, we can help you to find the right policy for you and your business, and we can advise you on a wide variety of cover options from many different providers since we are an independent Insurance Broker.

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Our Farm Insurance can cover:

  • Personal accident and injury
  • Business interruption
  • Public liability cover
  • Employers liability cover
  • Property protection, including farm buildings and contents
  • Livestock protection
  • Stock cover
  • Machinery and farm vehicles
  • Agricultural produce

You should consider the insurance requirements of your enterprise, making sure that you do not under insure your business and leave yourself at risk. We have been providing the best insurance policies to our customers since 1969, and we’re confident that our friendly team can find a policy that meets the needs of your farm today.

To get Farm Insurance terms, simply complete the farm Insurance enquiry form below and click send. We will revert back as soon as possible.

Online Farm Insurance Quote Form

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    Your Personal Details

    What is your Date of Birth?

    Your Address

    What is your Postal Address?
    What is the Eircode?

    Does the Address of Property to be insured match the Postal address?
    Address of Property to be insured (if different to Postal address)

    What is the Eircode of Property to be insured?

    Your Insurance details

    What % of income is related to agricultural contracting?
    Is there a written safety statement, in accordance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005?
    Any claims in the last 5 years?

    Convictions of any nature at any point in time (other than spent convictions)?

    Section 1 – Farmhouse & Contents

    Full Cover
    Accidental Damage
    Economic Alternative (restricted cover)

    Occupancy (owner occupied)?
    Please advise who the occupants are and their relationship to the insured?
    Contents Option (30% / 40% / 50% of Building Sum Insured)
    Burglar Alarm?
    2 x Smoke Detectors?

    All Risks Cover?
    If Yes: (a) 5% of Building Sum Insured - Single Article Limit €1,300
    or (b) 10% of Building Sum Insured - Single Article Limit €2,000
    or (c) Specific Items (up to a max of 4) Description of item and Value

    Secondary Private Dwelling House

    If not on the farmland and/or if not of standard construction(s).
    Contents option (30% / 40% / 50% of Building Sum Insured)
    Burglar Alarm?
    2 x Smoke Detectors?

    Section 2 – General Farm Property

    Roots and potatoes not stored in buildings
    Silage in the open
    Agricultural Produce & Farming stock (including Hay & Straw)
    Growing crops
    Farm Implements & machinery
    Bulk Milk Tanks (Fire)
    Tool(s) Theft (max 5,000)
    Diesel Theft (max €700)
    Other - please specify
    Outbuildings (excluding slatted units)
    Slatted units
    Outbuildings & Slatted Units Construction: Brick, stone, concrete, slates, tiles,
    metals or incombustible slabs

    Storm Cover: if this cover is required please provide a detailed breakdown of outbuildings.

    Please email photographs to, where the outbuildings are not:

    • 4-sided structures, valued less than e130,000, erected in the last 5 years, built of modern materials and of standard
      construction or
    • 3-sided and 4-sided slatted units of modern construction, grant aided and built within the last 25 years.

    Section 3 – Livestock

    Cover Options
    Basic cover:
    (A) Loss of or injury to livestock as a result of Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Aircraft and Earthquake (Cover A mandatory for other Livestock Cover options)

    Additional Cover Options – Fatal injury to Livestock:
    (B) Electrocution
    (C) (i) Accidental death on premises - (€1500 excess) (ii) Straying, (iii) Accidental Poisoning, (iv) Collapse of slatted units
    (D) In Transit
    (E) Sheep Worrying (Dog attack on sheep) - only available where all Livestock Covers A B C and D are also requested
    Animals Number of
    Animal Value (max 1
    animal limit €6,500 )
    Total Sum Insured Covers Required
    (select B,C,D,E as above)

    Please refer to Aviva for other cover combinations, for example mortality cover for bulls may be available on request.

    Section 4 - Liability

    (A) Employers Liability

    Remuneration Number
    Annual Wages
    (exc. Agricultural
    Board, Lodgings &
    other allowance
    Non Family
    Total Annual

    (B) Public Liability
    Is cover required?

    Section 5 – Agricultural & Forestry Vehicles

    Assuming use for Agricultural and/or Forestry purposes in ROI (Excluding hire and reward). Otherwise refer to Trader Vehicle Description(s)

    Make/Model Reg. No./Serial Number Year Cover Required Sums Insured Windscreen Cover

    Trailer(s)/ Implements

    Make/Model Reg. No./Serial Number Cover Required Sums Insured

    Assuming drivers are free of accidents, claims, convictions (other than spent convictions), disqualifications and penalty points. If not, refer to Aviva Trader.

    Section 6 – Bulk Milk Storage Installations

      1. Accidental Damage to storage installation
      2. Deterioration of milk contained in above installations
    If Installation is over 10 years or more than 2,500 gallons, please refer to Aviva. Assuming equipment is in good repair along with bi-annual maintenance contract.

    Section 7 – Business Interruption

    Loss of Annual Gross Income (Dairy Farming)
    Additional Expenses (Arable/Stock Farming)
    Indemnity Period No. Of Months?

    Section 8 – Tax Legal Protection

    Accountants Fees and Expenses, Legal Costs and Expenses on Revenue Commissioners investigation:

    Section 9 – Personal Accident

    Name Age Duties No. of Units (a) Any physical or other defect or weakness of any kind or
    (b) Any injuries, diseases or illness?