Couples with responsibility

Life Assurance for CouplesYou have a partner and you are both working hard to secure your future.

Maybe you have just taken the plunge into the property market or you are making progress towards your goal of saving for a deposit on your first home.

There are no children, and you are making the most of your freedom to drop everything and get away from it all. You couldn’t possibly need life insurance, right? Not quite…

The risks you face

  • Your income (and that of your partner) is the key to everything: your current lifestyle and your future plans.
  • Imagine for a minute that you were seriously injured or suddenly fell ill. You may have some sick pay but how would you meet your normal living expenses?
  • If you have a mortgage could you meet the repayments?
  • If you are saving for a deposit would you need to dip into those savings just to survive (and see your home owning dream set back months or even years)?

The right insurance plan could make the difference

  • Cancer cover
  • Serious illness cover
  • Life cover
  • Life cover (monthly income)

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