Family with Children

Family Life AssuranceLife has never been so full of joy but full of responsibility. You probably have a mortgage on a family sized home. You have a growing family to feed, dress and send to school. You may have a second car (essential for those weekends where your kids play sport at opposite ends of the earth), and a big electricity bill.

The risks you face

  • It goes without saying that your income is vital, and if something goes wrong you don’t have a lot of wriggle room.
  • Imagine for a minute that you were seriously injured or suddenly fell ill. You may not have a savings pool to call on – that’s all gone towards your house – and your sick pay from work might not be as generous as you’d hoped.
  • You can be faced with an extended period out of the workforce as well as significant out of pocket medical expenses.
  • And should the unthinkable happen and you were no longer there to provide for your family, how would they cope? Would they need to sell the house, move and change schools?

The right insurance plan could make the difference

  • Cancer cover
  • Serious illness cover
  • Life cover
  • Life cover (monthly income)

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