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Shopping around for a Farm Insurance policy can be tricky with so many considerations to factor in to ensure everything on your farm is protected. Before you choose your policy, ask yourself if you’re getting all the cover you need and want. To help you decide, we have put together a list of important factors to consider when buying farm insurance.


What type of farm insurance cover do you need?

Obviously, you want to ensure that your farm is fully protected including your livestock, vehicles and home. There are lots of different policies available, but some may not offer enough coverage for your specific needs, while some are the perfect fit.

An insurance company can only offer their specific product range and services, leaving the client 100% responsibility for their own coverage decisions and any mistakes they incur.

As an insurance broker, PJ Fitzgerald is not tied to any one provider and has the freedom to choose the best option for your needs.


What level of public liability is being offered?

Public liability insurance is one of the most important elements to consider when taking out your policy. The right public liability insurance will cover your legal responsibility in case of accidental injury to persons or loss and damage to property.


Employer’s liability insurance

Most farms employ workers or have family members that occasionally help out so you’ll need to make sure you’re protected if anything should happen to them. Employers liability covers you for the costs and expenses of claimants you’re legally liable for and other costs incurred.


Livestock Insurance

Even if you use best practices, accidents can happen. Transporting livestock by trailer is always a risk and adequate cover is needed. This insurance typically covers domesticated animals like cattle, pigs, sheep and horses. Also, consider fatal injury protection which protects livestock in case of fire, lightning or explosion and theft.


Farm Vehicle Cover

If you have an agricultural vehicle, tractor or trailer, you need to consider what type of cover you will need. Whether its third party, fire and theft or comprehensive cover.


Cover from Theft

Farm machinery and equipment is your livelihood and it’s expensive to replace. In case of theft, you need to make sure your policy provides all-risks cover for your farm equipment so that you are protected if fire, theft or accidental damage occur.


Health Insurance

You keep the show on the road and hold it all together so It’s important to ensure you’re covered for personal accident and hospitalisation cover in case of serious injury or death.


Home Insurance

While protecting your livestock, equipment and vehicles are important, you will want to consider a policy that protects your home as well. A policy that protects your farm-dwelling house will also cover home and business contents.


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