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Charities would not exist without donations, volunteers and fundraising to help those in need. But what happens if while carrying out your charitable work, accidental damage or injury is caused to a person or property? Have you thought about getting Charity Insurance?

Not-for-profits organisations need insurance tailored to their specific needs. These organisations are likely to have both employees and volunteers, unlike a business. It may also hold fundraising activities, events and provide essential services for people in need. Even if you are a purely voluntary group, your insurance should cover the health and wellbeing of everyone working for, and supporting, your cause.


What type of insurance does your Charity need?

The most important cover for a not-for-profit organisation is charity public liability insurance. This cover is essential for charities and organisations which will have a level of contact with members of the public, be it through fundraising events or when providing services for people in need.

Public liability insurance will cover you if a claim is made against your organisation by a member of the public or another organisation. The policy will cover any costs accrued in defending a claim against your organisation or the cost involved in a settlement.


An example of public liability insurance

Public liability insurance would protect your organisation in the following scenarios:

  • If a charity were running a fundraiser and an attendee injured their leg during a sponsored walk, they might make a claim of negligence and hold you responsible for the condition of the field or path. Similarly, if the event venue was damaged, you could again be held liable.
  • A child broke an ankle during a charity race on charity premises. The child tripped on a pothole in the ground which the client had not identified when inspecting the course prior to the event.


Employers liability cover for a charity

If an employee or volunteer of your organisation experiences an injury or illness because of something that happens at work, they could make a claim against you. Employer’s liability insurance protects you against the costs of defending or settling these legal claims in court.


An example of employer’s liability insurance

Employers liability insurance would protect your organisation in the following scenarios:

  • If an employee or volunteer becomes ill due to something that happens at work. For example, if they get become ill due to unsanitary working conditions.
  • An employee was walking on the insured’s property and slipped landing on her knee. The employee alleges that the driveway was covered in moss and very slippery as a result.


Do I need both public liability and employers’ liability insurance?

If you have one or more members of staff, then your business is legally required to have employers’ liability insurance. This applies even if your workforce is entirely voluntary as, under the law, volunteers are classified as employees. While public liability insurance is not a legal requirement, it is essential for charities that interact with the public. It’s worth noting that your employees are not covered by public liability insurance.


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