woman who didnt use an insurance broker

Ever spent precious moments of your life shopping around for an insurance quote? Ever been put on hold for an eternity only to be told that you’ll have to sell one of your kidneys to afford their rates? Sound familiar? Then, fear not, here come the Insurance Brokers!

We all know that insurance can be a complicated purchasing decision with so many options to consider. Making the right choice can be daunting. It can rely on your individual needs and who can best cater to them. Contrary to popular belief, there are many benefits to using insurance brokers instead of going directly to an insurance company.


8 Reasons why you should use an Insurance Broker

1. Complete Impartiality

An Insurance Broker is not tied to any one provider and has the freedom to pick the best option for their client, every time. A direct operation can only offer their product range and service and so are biased in their approach. The client takes 100% responsibility for their own coverage decisions and for any mistakes they make as a result.


2. Personal Relationship

An Insurance Broker is interested in building customer loyalty and long-term relationships with their clients. They will spend time getting to know and understand their clients in order to provide long term satisfaction and service.


3. Efficient Claims Service

Importantly in the event of a claim, an insurance broker will act as an advocate for any claim settlement. They will effectively manage the claim on the client’s behalf, taking away the burden and stress of claims handling from the client.


4. Best Price

An Insurance Broker will provide the best price for the appropriate cover from the right provider. Value for money comes down to more than price when picking an insurance provider and while the broker may well get the lowest price, their focus will be on true value for money including all the available benefits to the client.


5. Great Choice

An Insurance Broker has full access to the insurance marketplace and can, therefore, offer consumer choice.


6. Professional Advice

An Insurance Broker will offer a consumer a Statement of Suitability document outlining all the options available to them and the reason why they are recommending one particular policy over another.


7. Easy to Understand

An Insurance Broker does not use jargon and will explain everything in layman’s terms. By dealing with an Insurance Broker you will clearly understand all the risks that exist and the choices available to you to reduce or eliminate these risks. Many Insurance Brokers have been in the business for years and have built up experience of how to communicate in this way, making it easier for a client to make decisions on what’s best for them.


8. Market Service Standards

An Insurance Broker has access to a variety of Insurer’s products and knows the service levels of each. This allows them to compare the various product offerings and service standards and can advise on the best service provider offering the best cover at the lowest rate.